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What are some best value for money strategies to address childhood obesity?

About the CHOICES Childhood Obesity National Action Kit

The CHOICES team has projected the national population reach, impact on health, implementation costs, and health care cost savings for 15 effective strategies that can be used in multiple settings – including schools, early care and out of school time, communities, and clinical. This kit provides a menu of strategies with good evidence that they can reduce obesity and/or the behavioral risks for obesity. The kit allows you to explore and compare up to four strategies at a time within or across settings to see national results to help inform your organization’s decision-making related to childhood obesity prevention. Learn more about CHOICES methods.

Please note: The words “strategy” and “intervention” are used interchangeably throughout the Action Kit, its associated pages, across the CHOICES website, and among CHOICES published products and materials. Please note that, in the context of CHOICES and its work, these two words are synonymous.

How to Use the CHOICES Childhood Obesity National Action Kit

This kit is a great starting place for states, cities, and counties to use when making decisions related to strategies to implement to reduce childhood obesity. The relative impact and cost-effectiveness of these strategies in comparison with each other are likely to be very similar at the state or local levels, even though these strategies are scaled to national implementation and results are for the nation.

The kit can be used in several ways:

The kit can be used to compare the relative cost-effectiveness of the strategies that CHOICES has evaluated:

• Users can compare up to four strategies at one time to get a sense of how they differ in terms of impact on health (both at an individual and population level), population reach, implementation cost, and cost-effectiveness

• Users can determine which strategies give the biggest bang for the buck

• Users can compare strategies within a given setting or across settings by a focus health behavior (like reducing sugary drink consumption) or by age group.

The kit can be used to inform strategy implementation planning. Each strategy description highlights considerations for implementing the strategy that can be applicable at the local, state, or national level – such as what potential policy mechanisms could be used or what resources and activities are required.

Need help using the CHOICES Childhood Obesity National Action Kit?

For general assistance in using the CHOICES Childhood Obesity National Action Kit, please contact the CHOICES Project at mgarrone@hsph.harvard.edu. For technical questions regarding how the CHOICES model projects the health impact, population reach, implementation cost, and/or cost-effectiveness of strategies to reduce childhood obesity, please refer to our publications or contact The CHOICES Project at choicesproject@hsph.harvard.edu.

More about the Developers of the CHOICES Childhood Obesity National Action Kit

The CHOICES Childhood Obesity National Action Kit was developed by the CHOICES Project team, specifically Katie Giles and Molly Garrone – under the leadership of Dr. Steven Gortmaker and Dr. Angie Cradock – and in partnership with Burness and Alley Interactive. The JPB Foundation provided funding for the development of the CHOICES Childhood Obesity National Action Kit.