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Strategy Reports: Promoting Physical Activity in Schools

The information provided here is intended to be used for educational purposes. Links to other resources and websites are intended to provide additional information aligned with this educational purpose. These strategy reports describe the projected national population reach, impact on health and health equity, implementation costs, and cost-effectiveness for effective strategies to improve child health in schools. This information can help inform decision-making around promoting healthy weight and can be useful for planning and prioritization purposes.

Strategy Report: Active Physical Education (Active PE)
Active PE is a policy that requires that 50% of time provided in physical education classes for grades K-8 be spent in moderate-to-vigorous physical activity. Physical education teachers are trained to promote physical activity during PE classes using the SPARK or CATCH curricula.

Strategy Report: Active Recess
Active Recess is a program to increase physical activity during elementary school recess with structured activities, playground markings, and/or portable play equipment. This program is implemented in elementary schools to promote physical activity during recess.

Strategy Report: Active School Day
Policy requiring schools to provide opportunities for students to participate in physical activity during the school day for at least 30 minutes a day or 150 minutes a week.

Strategy Report: Movement Breaks in the Classroom
Movement Breaks in the Classroom is a strategy to promote physical activity during the school day by incorporating five-to-10-minute movement breaks in K-5 public elementary school classrooms.

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