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A Prevention Prescription for Improving Health and Health Care in America

Bipartisan Policy ReportIn “A Prescription for Improving Health and Health Care in America,” a white paper by the Bipartisan Policy Center outlining strategies aimed at preventing chronic diseases, CHOICES is featured as a key research project for evaluating the cost-effectiveness of obesity-related interventions:

A key part of the prevention agenda is developing the analytical tools needed to support the evaluation and modeling of health and economic impacts… These tools are deigned to allow decision-makers to estimate and compare the relative health and fiscal impacts of different interventions…

A rapid increase in the prevalence of childhood obesity in recent decades has prompted numerous interventions. The Childhood Obesity Cost Effectiveness Study (CHOICES), based at Harvard’s Chan School of Public Health, aims to develop a level-playing field methodology for comparing 40 different childhood obesity prevention strategies, so that decision-makers can assess the effectiveness, cost, population reach, and cost-effectiveness of different approaches…[read the full report]