James Daly is a Research Project Manager at the Prevention Research Center on Nutrition and Physical Activity at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health (HPRC). The mission of the HPRC is to work with communities, community agencies, state and local government, and other partners to develop, implement, and evaluate the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of methodologies and interventions to improve nutrition and physical activity and reduce obesity and chronic disease risk among children, youth, and their families and to translate and disseminate this work at community, state and national levels to reduce and eliminate disparities in these outcomes.

For the CHOICES Project, James leads the qualitative data analysis of state and local health agency partners’ implementation experiences with the Learning Collaborative Partnership. James also supports research at The Implementation Science Center for Cancer Control Equity in the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences and specializes in qualitative and mixed methods research and implementation science. His primary research interests include addressing socioeconomic and racial/ethnic disparities in chronic disease and community-clinical partnerships.

James holds a Master of Public Health degree from Boston University with a concentration in Community Assessment, Program Design, Implementation, and Evaluation.