Photo of Milton C. Weinstein, PhD

Milton Weinstein is the Henry J. Kaiser Professor of Health Policy and Management at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and Professor of Medicine at the Harvard Medical School. At the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health he is Academic Director of the Center for Health Decision Science (CHDS), and Faculty Chair of the Comparative Effectiveness Research Initiative.

Dr. Weinstein is a co-investigator on the CHOICES project. This project is focused on understanding and modeling the cost-effectiveness of interventions that can improve children’s nutrition and physical activity and reduce the prevalence of obesity, which includes modeling work, evidence reviews, and simulation modeling of the cost-effectiveness of a wide variety of interventions, from restaurant calorie menu labeling to sugar sweetened beverage excise taxes. Results from this work should begin to provide researchers and policymakers with both methods and data to use in deciding on the “best value for money” in interventions to reduce obesity prevalence in children and adults in the United States. Dr. Weinstein provides input to the CHOICES team on how to apply best-practice strategies from cost-effectiveness analysis and decision science fields.

Dr. Weinstein is best known for his research on cost-effectiveness of medical practices and for developing methods of economic evaluation and decision analysis in health care. He is a co-developer of the CEPAC (Cost-Effectiveness of Preventing AIDS Complications) computer simulation model, and has conducted studies on prevention and treatment of HIV infections. He was the co-developer of the Coronary Heart Disease Policy Model, which has been used to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of cardiovascular prevention and treatment. He is also the author of four books: Decision Making in Health and Medicine: Integrating Evidence and Values; Cost-Effectiveness in Health and Medicine, the report of the Panel of Cost Effectiveness in Health and Medicine; Clinical Decision Analysis; and Hypertension: A Policy Perspective. He has also published more than 300 papers in peer-reviewed medical, public health, and economics journals. He consults with industry and government and is a Principal Consultant with Optuminsight. He is an elected member of the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences, and a recipient of the Award for Career Achievement from the Society for Medical Decision Making and the Avedis Donabedian Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research.

Dr. Weinstein earned his Doctor of Philosophy degree Harvard University, a Master of Public Policy degree from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Harvard University.